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Relaxation.me.uk was formed over 6 years ago, with the simple aim of offering luxury spa days, spa breaks and spa treatments in the UK's most luxurious spa venues. With over 35 years combined experience in this field, the team have created a unique service that offers customers the ability to make spa and hotel reservations, book spa treatments or buy a range of spa gift vouchers, online or by phone. Relaxation.me.uk source your spa venue, make the bookings and  confirm the reservation to you, so one e-mail or telephone call is all it takes to organise a luxurious spa break.

“The spa venues we work with are selected by Relaxation.me.uk for their quality with the emphasis on luxury, professionalism and attention to detail.  Our close working relationship with our spa venues, enables us to offer you exclusive packages and because we have visited each and every one of them, we can give you first hand information about the suitability of our spas and hotels for your requirements.”

We offer a bespoke service and can help you with personal recommendations.The Relaxation.me.uk team work intimately with every customer to help them select the most suitable spa venue for your needs at a price you can afford. Quite simply we pride ourselves on the good old fashioned customer service we provide, the quality and selection of luxury spa venues we have for you to choose from and our expert product knowedge. We know our customers love this level of customer service becuase 3 out of 4 of our new customers come by way of personal recommendation.

So sit back and relax and leave us to handle every aspect of your booking.





Is meditation for everyone? Is meditation for everyone? Generally yes, especially at this level, which is very much 'try it and see'. The only note of caution I'd add is that if you are going through a particularly difficult emotional time, you shouldn't expect an introductory meditation practice to suddenly make everything fine again.

You'll have more to work with, but it will feel harder at first. Equally, if you're suffering from serious depression, schizophrenia or other mental difficulties, take medical advice before starting meditation. It may not help you at all, or your medication may make it harder for you to do the practice.

Call now for more details of all our relaxation breaksSee spa breaks. 

New for 2018 Water Relaxation The therapeutic powers of air, water and heat have long been used to stimulate and soothe both mind and body. Today these same vital elements combine in an Airbath, to provide a whole-body hydrotherapy experience unlike any other.

Spa Breaks in the UK: We have created a unique service that offers customers the ability to make a spa and hotel reservation, book spa treatments or buy a range of spa experience gift vouchers, online or by phone. We only work with spas that we have visited and hand-selected for their quality, professionalism and the excellent service they offer. Different spas offer different facilities and our detailed knowledge allows us to work with all our customers to ensure that your spa day or spa break offers you the treatments, surroundings and facilities you want at a price you can afford. See spa breaks. 

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