Relax into life

let us help you relax and get more out of life with less effort stress and strain   

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Work is everywhere

Work stress is hard to deal with and bosses are trying, relax and undwind in the comfort of your own chair

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Power Your thoughts

Mind over matter , let us introduce calming techiniques that will soothe your mind and relax your body

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Relaxation - Unwind from the hectic pace of London life,
the complete guide to relaxation online

Unwind from the hectic pace of London life, Human beings were not designed for life in the 21st century. have not evolved anything like quickly enough to deal with demands of a fast-paced, information-rich, stressful environment.         

We have a solution: If the consequences of stress are complex, the solution is simple: relax. But how? It sounds so easy, yet true relaxation eludes many of us. We slump in an armchair, straining our backs; we watch television, stressing our eyes; we drink coffee, increasing our blood pressure.

How's you Breathing



The are resources here are for those who want to learn about and use hypnosis for their own benefit -- to treat phobias, change unhelpful habits or to use alongside conventional medical treatments to help with health problems.

There are also resources here for professional hypnotherapists.

Relaxation Exercises
simple, straight forward for the home or the office.

Here you can discover

  • Benefits of relaxation
  • relaxation exercises
  • relaxation tips
  • relaxation music
  • relaxation techniques
  • relaxation scripts
  • relaxation centre
  • meditation

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At first it may be difficult to relax because of: -

  • Worrying about succeeding
  • Trying too hard
  • Concentration may be a problem
  • Worrying that you may fall asleep
  • There may be physical sensations, for example tingling, shaking; stomach rumbling is often the first sign of tension.
  • You may fear the loss of the control when you relax because of your habits of rigid control of tension.
  • It may cause old hurts/ feelings to rise to the surface.
  • The more you practise the better you will feel.
  • It is up to you to decide how much, or how little tension you are ready to let go of.
  • After some practising you will begin to learn the exercises off by heart.
  • When this happens you will be able to use the skill to enable you to cope.
  • Only using the exercise at home or in the sessions will not be enough!
  • You really need to use it prior, during and post any situation you find stressful.

How stressed are you?
take our stress test and see.

While few, if any of us, can hope for a totally stress-free life, there's no doubt that too much stress is bad for your health and wellbeing. Try our quiz to check whether life is getting to you and what you can do to change things for the better.

Signs of stress
                • headaches
                • muscle tension in the neck and shoulders
                • palpitations
                • excessive sweating • dizziness
                • increased smoking
                • increased drinking

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Relaxation training

The object of relaxamtion training is to teach you new skills, to reduce harmful stress in your daily life. In other words, you can reduce the effects stress has on your mind and body.

You cannot just use these exercises passively - only doing them in the session for example with no extra practice is NOT sufficient.

Relaxation is not a quick fix it needs to be learnt and the more you do it the more effective it becomes.

You may even reach a stage where you really do not know you are OR were doing it.

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